Our story

About Us

Our story

Walvis Bay Tour Guides started as a vision by Fried Fredericks to start a small business, to introduce visitors to the traditional life of Namibians and to promote conservation efforts of the local environment. The business was started with a grant from Environmental fund of the Municipality of Walvis Bay. The initial tours comprised guided and historic township tours through Kuisebmond providing tourists with a new grittier and raw perspective of traditional Namibia, away from the trite glitz and the polish of the mainstream tourism offerings.

Our mission

At Walvis Bay Tours, our mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation for the ocean, Desert, inland, safaris, and all Namibia’s inhabitants while promoting responsible tourism practices that contribute to the preservation of Namibian beauty.

Our vision

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Our tours are instant excitement and knowledge-based fun, not only for foreign visitors but also for locals who had never seen the richness of the different Namibian cultures. Today, we have extended our tours with dolphin, seal and bird-watching.